May 19, 2022
Technology: Exploring the Evolution of Technology through Wikipedia

Technology: Exploring the Evolution of Technology through Wikipedia



I chose to utilize Wikipedia pages to break down how innovation has developed throughout recent years (since Wikipedia appeared). I needed to dissect how the innovation that has been around for quite a while – like the radio – has changed over the long haul and how later. Arising advancements have changed. I’m keen on this subject since I utilize a ton of arising advances that are continually changing. I needed to perceive how these innovations contrast with old ones as well as attempt to sort out what specific moment changes in advances were the most incessant. That would assist me with understanding the turning point of mechanical progressions.

Page Selection:

I snatched the pages from Wikipedia and attempted to make technology an assorted set. What I mean by an assorted set is that I picked advancements from various fields with a specific spotlight on telecom since I feel like how we associate has changed radically over the past years and years. Different pages picked range from advances in medication, PCs, memory, amusement, gaming, computerized reasoning, and so on

I attempted to arrange the pages by how later the advances are – however, technology is somewhat flawed. At the top, you will see later and arising advancements and as you go down the rundown you will observe advances that have existed for quite a while. I chose to do that since I am hoping to see an example in arising advances versus old/existing advances and this seemed like the regular request to go through.


Key Observations:

There were a few fascinating finds concerning the assortment of pages. I’ll call attention to some that truly captivated me:

For the Speech Recognition Wikipedia page, it was exceptionally fascinating to take note that the word ‘brain’ didn’t begin showing up as a top word for the page till 2012 – which is when counterfeit brain networks began getting well known as a result of higher figuring power. The word ‘profound’ began turning into a top word around 2015 when the term profound learning began becoming well known. The term ‘lstm’ showed up as a top word on the page in 2016 which may be because, by 2016 significant innovation organizations including Google, Apple and Microsoft were involving LSTMs as basic parts in their items like Siri and Amazon Alexa and on account of numerous papers being distributed which involved

LSTMs in their brain network structures:

For the Wikipedia page on the Internet. One extremely intriguing thing was the utilization of the word bistros turning out to be exceptionally well known in 2003 and 2004 under the part ‘Access’ or ‘Web Access’. It’s fascinating to take note that the part on. Internet Access was eliminated as a different segment. Set under Infrastructure in 2014. Has been that manner since representing technology the expanded straightforward entry to the web in the advanced world. Social Impact and Security showed up as isolated segments in 2010. 2014 Separately exhibiting the expanded aversion to the effect of the web. The word ‘visit’ was well known somewhere in the range of 2006 and 2008 and, surprisingly,

showed up in the starting passage in those years:

The page on the computer game control center was something technology was anticipating examining. It’s fascinating to take note of that for the main two or three years, the primary section for computer game technology control center depicted them as gadgets that are discrete TVs. Beginning around 2006, Nintendo has been a top word utilized given the organization’s predominance on computer game control center, explicitly their handheld – a word that likewise became famous as of late – forms like the Gameboy.

GameBoy Advance:

The most well-known handheld gadget in history
PC was the enormous one I needed to check out. Something outstanding was how the segment headers changed over the long haul. Non-IBM Compatible Computers seemed, by all accounts, to be a famous segment heading displaying IBM’s predominance in the market however the part header was taken off in 2007. The word ‘PC’ turned into a famous word utilized now and again after 2008 which is added when more spotlight was placed on Hardware and Software as they were added as isolated segments to the page. ‘Windows’ has been a well-known word beginning around 2008 despite everything showing up as one of the top words. The number of characters utilized on the page expanded radically somewhere in the range of 2004 2010. However, since the time, the increment has dialed back and in

a few successive years even ended:

The Self Driving vehicle was alluded to as ‘sci-fi’ in 2003 and 2004. In 2005, it was alluded to as a hypothetical innovation with the page just having 6405 characters. In 2006 however, it began being alluded to as ‘an arising group of innovations. The number of characters for the page as well as the number of segments expanding more than ten times contrasted with the last year. After a little examination, I figured out that this was the case because, in 2005, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency held its second DARPA Grand Challenge offering a 2 million dollar prize to the principal driverless vehicle to follow through with the course and interestingly (no vehicle completed the seminar on the first test held in quite a while), had the option to follow through with the course.

Stanley, the victor of the second DARPA Grand Challenge:

‘Broadband’ has had a few unique definitions. Wikipedia technology throughout the long term in 2008 and 2009. The early-on passage even read. “The term broadband can have various implications in various settings. The term’s significance has gone through significant movements.” Other wireless advances, as 4g, till 2008 were alluded to as hypothetical. That changed in 2009 for 4g as it was sent off financially interestingly.

There was no such thing as a genuine page for cryptographic money till 2013 with the. ‘Financial matters’ segment header being added. Turning out to be tremendously more famous over the most recent few years.

For the page on cell phones, we see that data continues to get annexed to the meaning of a cell phone and little is taken off. The word cell phone initially shows up in the meaning of a cell phone in 2015. When over 70% of Americans claimed cell phones. The word ‘Nokia’ was extremely well known between the years 2010 and 2016 as Nokia was the biggest maker of cell phones including the main ‘PDA’ the Nokia 9000 Communicator.

Early advancement of the cellphone:

Bunch 8 is intriguing as it bunches generally man-made reasoning-based discourse acknowledgment pages together. Bunch 0 appears to gather advancements connected with correspondence.

It was fascinating to take note that specific words began showing up more frequently. Wikipedia pages got overhauled while different words would turn out to be less well-known. This had generally to do with how the advances were progressing or potentially changing with time. There didn’t appear to be a very remarkable delay for that as well. For instance, the word ‘brain’ turned into significantly more successive pages connected with man-made consciousness models as brain networks turned out to be progressively more well known.  The word ‘Nokia’ was extremely famous when the organization was overwhelming the cell phone market.

The number of characters utilized in Wikipedia pages likewise had a positive relationship with more broad genuine utilization of those innovations,

for example,

self-driving vehicles however that is a characteristic end I would have reached at any rate. What’s more intriguing is the way the early sections changed over the long run for specific innovations. For gadgets like the cell phone, with expanding usefulness, the basic sections would simply add more data yet for advances like broadband the starting passage had various definitions for the innovation at various times. It’s likewise fascinating the way that definitions changed as innovations turned out to be less hypothetical and began having genuine technology applications.

Segment headers for advances appear:

to demonstrate the notoriety and interest of everyone in that specific region of the innovation. For instance, non-IBM viable PCs appeared something that everybody would be keen on knowing when. IBM was ruling the market how. Internet Access was a different area in the mid-2000s when individuals had less admittance to the web yet were subsequently taken out. Set under an alternate segment header as gaining admittance to the web became simpler. The interest for data on web access additionally diminished. The expansion of the Economics area header for digital currencies in 2013 additionally vouches for this theory as individuals turned out to be more intrigued by digital currencies as types of speculation.

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