May 19, 2022

Comedian Kaung Kyaw says he is angry with Han Nyein Oo Comedian U Kaung Kyaw Thu said, “If the law stipulates that if Han Nyein Oo is ordered to be arrested, we must be arrested.” This is the case with Han Nyein Oo Tin, a lobbyist for the military council. I think it ‘s my turn. I only found out when my friends came from cb.

What is the writing of a fuel since the beginning of the FB for a good news in the FB for a good start of the 10-year-old FB? ” Is it true that Han Nyein Oo and I are still in contact with each other? I admit that I’m still in contact with that. There is nothing more funny than that. After crossing the fish body support Logistical let alone to call family and I can not even support logistics as well as credit got even with the penalty for drink-week job,

while the selling price does not sell, and breakfast and dinner meals are believed hiding in her skirt to add the show, I did not say that (very intelligence) address (trust honest officials to be able to check if I’m calm, I believe, like my brother)looks good friends to mind hot water run to avoid swear that the information provided information Do not run away (with enough butterflies) Do not run or run. Rest assured, you are not upset because you are working.

It ‘s a very angry that I do not know what to say about the debt, and if you don’t know what to do, then you have a good chance to give it to you. “If the law stipulates that if Han Nyein Oo is ordered to be arrested, we will be arrested,” he said.


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