May 19, 2022

May Pan Chi’s video explaining to her that she is not angry with the audience who often misleads her with a “special woman”May Pan Chi is a popular artist who has made many good films and also acted in many videos. May Pan Chi, who has a very slim figure, has won the admiration of many male fans, as well as female fans who are envious of her slim figure.

May Pan Chi was one of the people who stood up for the Dhamma with the people in the current situation. Fans were also proud of her active participation in the Spring Revolution movement. May Pan Chi is currently taking a break from filming to focus on online live sales and some commercials.

Today, May Pan Chi re-enacted the person who asked her to be Htoo San’s wife Htike Su Win and asked if she was Htoo San. Here is a video of May Pan Chi explaining to her interviewer.

I think you should enjoy watching the video of May Pan Chi, who is very talkative.

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