May 19, 2022

Ko Pauk, the director who issued a will Actress Ko Pauk, who was separated from his family during the revolution, was fighting with his comrades in the jungle. Today, Ko Pauk revealed the will found in the pocket of a soldier who fell on the front lines.

“So, lady, if you can not come back, do not cry I wrote a letter in advance for fear of dying Do not hate PDFs when I die. The operation deliberately ordered us to die. I hate dictators. If I can not come back, your life is in control.Do not cry. Never let my son go to war. You’re aware of that. Go to Mudon, where his grandmother lives, for the future of the child.

I have some money left over for my mother. There will be about 500,000. Ask for it. If I get a chance here, I will run. I will take a picture of the letter and send it to you. If I do not die, I will return to my family. The army is in a very bad situation. These wars are meaningless. The military is giving up its life to clear the mess of the dictatorial army. I should have listened to you. Now I regret not leaving the army early. I remember sapphire Take care of your son that’s it…

A letter found in the pocket of a fallen soldier in the front line: A letter from a lowly soldier who hates the army A letter of condolence for the people’s soldiers 😢😢😢😭😭😭 “

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