May 19, 2022

Singer L Sai Zi has been criticized for singing “Are You Happy”? L Sai Zi, who has a unique vocal power among musicians, has always held a place in the hearts of fans. Her songs are still sharp and clear, and they still impress the audience today.

L Sai Zi, a popular Kachin singer with a sweet voice, has been singing good songs to the hearts of her fans for a long time. L Sai Zi, who has been in the art world for more than a decade, is still creating new works of art to this day.

I always live a simple life without heat.L Sai Zi is currently living in peace and spending time with her friends. L Sai Zee, who also does a little bit of art work, posts her every move on social media.

Singer L Sai Zi did not take part in the Spring Revolution at all and also performed at the junta-sponsored event. Singer L Sai Zi has also been criticized for singing at a rally in Kawthaung.


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