May 19, 2022

Shwe Ru Pa Oo, who attended the opening ceremony and performed Thingyan songs… I think all fans will know that you are a golden figure. She is a playwright. She has never appeared in a video or appeared on any modeling show.

However, Shwe Ru Pa Oo often refers to her as a model and claims to be an actress. You can see that they are called Malay. Many of the members of the military council, who posed for pictures with her, were also known as

“the apostle of death”. Shwe Ru Pa Oo is now posting pictures of herself performing at the Mandalay Mayor’s Inauguration Ceremony of the Military Council in Mandalay on the eve of Thingyan today on her social media page.

‘Pre-Burmese traditional life of 1383 Mandalay Mayor Opening Ceremony Revolutionary forces have called for a boycott of the Thingyan festival to be held by the military council.


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