May 19, 2022

I had a bad experience eating mushrooms Kachin State In Putao Township, up to four people died of food poisoning in early April, according to locals. The cause of death was food poisoning after eating mushrooms that grew during the unusual rainy season in Putao. Two children have died of food poisoning after eating mushrooms on April 10 in Sar Khum Dam village in Putao district, according to a villager in Sar Khun Dam.

“Two children came to pick it up without knowing it was poisonous. The mother cooked it. The father did not eat it. All three children were hospitalized. The children died on April 10,” said a local in Sar Khum Dam village. Today, April 13, Joseph Nosidwe, a resident of Fai Khaing village in Putao, died of a fungal poisoning.

The deceased was the family of Joseph Naw Seidwe While working in the fields, four members of a family of four were poisoned when they ate some of the mushrooms picked by Joseph Nassid’s mother-in-law, Daw Marta Nyi Si. On April 9, the day after the mushroom poisoning, the mother-in-law of 57-year-old Joseph Martinez died.

The remaining three families were taken to Putao Military Hospital for treatment. The two children have recovered while being treated at the hospital, but their father, Joseph Nosidwe, died this morning, locals said. Doctors have warned people not to eat mushrooms in Putao during the monsoon season, as they can be poisonous during the rainy season.Village elders are urging Putao residents to be careful as there are many potentially poisonous mushrooms growing in Putao.


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