May 19, 2022

Are you frustrated with the increase in meter prices? Follow these tips Systematic use of electricity Unnecessary overuse can make your home more expensive than usual. Therefore, in order to save on meter fees, Here are some things to avoid: (1) Save electricity by turning off all unnecessary electricity when no one is in the house. (2) While heating. If you get up to do something for a while, Turning off the heat switch saves electricity. (3) Turn on the TV only when you are actually watching it. Avoid being open all the time without an observer. (4) New face; If you turn the faucet on while brushing your teeth, Loss of water You will need electricity to refill the water. Therefore, you can save electricity by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth.

(5) Whether there are people or not. Whether or not Keeping the fans running continuously reduces the cost of the meter and should only be turned on when not in use. (6) The air conditioner temperature should be around 24-25 ° C. (7) Turn off the power switch when the TV and subwoofer are not in use. The power meter will still be on even if it is turned off with the remote control and in standby mode. (8) Use a system that automatically shuts off the water tank when the upper tank is full. Running off the water motor when you see or hear water overflowing can cause an electric shock. It will cost more per meter. (9) Turn off the power switch when the computer is not in use. Please note that there is power consumption even in standby mode. 10. Use Exhaust Fans only when needed. It should not be open full time.

(11) Use outside light. Reduce unnecessary household electricity. (12) Street lights; Use indoor LED lighting as much as possible. 13. Unplug the plugs of currently unused electrical appliances from the sockets. 14. Avoid costly meters by saving electricity. 15. Ordinary light bulbs. Energy Saving Lamp should be chosen over the lamp. LED light bulbs rather than Energy Saving Lamp. Light bulbs should be used sparingly. (16) If you build a kettle using a hot plate, After a while, the person can turn off the light switch and increase the electricity consumption. You should save electricity by using a water heater that automatically shuts off the switch when the water boils. (17) You can save electricity by turning off unnecessary lights. (18) Save electricity by considering playing music tapes on the TV all the time without a listener. (19) Insufficient water pipes in the house and yard. Repair water pump leaks. The higher the pumping time due to water leakage, the higher the cost per meter. 20. Save electricity by turning off the lights outside the house during daylight hours.

21. Turn off the lights when there is light to save electricity. When the light is dim, it will turn on automatically. Install an automatic shut-off system when the light comes on. (22) Hot water boiler Turn on the water heater when you use it. Turn off the switch after use. (23) Make sure the air conditioner is fully cooled by regularly inspecting the air filter and gas filter. (24) Lawn sprinkler system; Reduce the amount of time you spend on flowers and showers. When the water runs out. Prolonged use of pumps / pumps can increase the cost of electricity meters.


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