May 19, 2022

“A car bank caught fire due to a power bank” Powerbank users should be aware of “car fire due to powerbank” Most people carry a lot of small items on the dashboard. Direct exposure to sunlight from the dashboard.

Electronic devices, such as cell phones, can be overheated and catch fire if they are placed on a car dashboard. If possible, do not leave electrical appliances in hot areas for long periods of time. This is a true story of a student at Awan University in Malaysia. The student returned from school, parked his car in front of the house, and entered the house.

He goes home and takes what he has to take to the next class. After that, it took a while to go to the toilet. He left his power bank on the dashboard to charge his phone. It is one and a half o’clock in the afternoon, so it is very hot. Luckily, when the student came out of the house, there was a fire in the front of the car with a bang. If you get in a car, you can go with a person.

The fire was so intense that the emergency services were called and the fire was extinguished. No one was hurt, but the car was completely destroyed. Therefore, it is important to note that electronic devices need to be stored carefully in the car.


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