May 19, 2022

A strong loyalty that tells girls not to make mistakes like her J fire’s new Thingyan song MV reveals the main reason for her facial expressions Singer Khaing Mwe Thitsar explains her bad facial expressions in the new Thingyan song MV “Happy and Happy” with J fire, which was recently released.The girl was treated for a brain and nerve rupture just a week before the MV. The true cement process regarding prisoner and singer I enjoy listening to the voice added. Naw Yes, ‘because to be quite cement 🥺

Mv shoot the week before to reach the brain and nervous system had to receive medical treatment because capillary shortages active during menstruation shop hair shampoo every time you did …. Doing it …the head end of the head, brain and right side of the right-hand feel bites (already torn nerves already weak head and eyes always seem to look almost normal bites) was the next morning, the ridge side and one side is great news I could not keep my eyes open and could not smile. When the doctor saw me, I had a cold in my brain and some of the blood vessels in the back of my head were cut off and the blood flow in one side of my face stopped. 😢

Toward the end of the strike were also very sad … It’ll be a whole with jfire Team Bar succeeding worry comfort words seem to be able to work … .. faces anointing a makeup artist because I’m a fortune tied filming academics out of the circle to make the most convenient and give thanks to all my Beware there always happened so I should be doing but not personally consider that a lesson must be Peter I want to strengthen my fault error, they do not matter and health care, they seem small given each setting in the area already at home, listening to song of all let them satisfy the deepest desires will immediately strengthen already achieved full………….

Let’s be happy and relieved. ‘ Below you can listen to the math song sung by singer J fire and Khai Mwe Thitsar. Credit


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