May 19, 2022

Poe Ei Khan, an actress who says that marrying a man is like winning the lottery She has a lovely son and a happy family life. She is also the beloved wife of famous football player Aung Thu. She is currently living in Thailand with her husband.

Aung Thu is praised by Poe Ei Khan for being a calm person. Now she is comparing her husband to the Korean version of Captain. because no one ever laughs at the mouth. Anymore than her brother. I Indian data Micah I’m a big smile, in fact, marriage is a lottery ticket lottery itself a laughing stock at the beginning of life.

I’m always happy either no benefit or to stay happy, but I always laugh like a family head, a husband who is also responsible for the hostess girls, who were also responsible for the full balance Like You must have an understanding must be built to adjust.

The families must take care of each other mutual respect, or the long, straight and clear. Captain, if you see a couple laughing and you want to get married, I urge you to remember the things you said. There is a lot to be negotiated after marriage. If you don’t believe me, take it.


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