May 19, 2022

Here’s how to fix a broken light bulb: Here’s how to put one together for use with your new home. I have posted both pictures and text and explained how it works. For the rest, I suggest you come up with your own ideas and use them.

What I am showing you is to share the good things that are broken in the house and to get good things back. China sells charcoal bulbs with big batteries, because it has nothing in it. So fix what you need to fix so that it does not become new.

If I have to share a lot of repairs nationwide, it will save money. The bulb and the battery are often the only ones that break down. The charger may also break. Then I will post how to repair the charger. It’s very easy to tell.

I think I understand. I will post more lanterns when they come to me. I will keep trying. Ko Thiha Swe (Three Colors)


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