May 19, 2022

Comedian Taing Kyaw says a prayer for those who will enjoy this year’s Thingyan Comedians Tai Kyaw, Pyi Kyaw, Poe Lay ၊ Wine Kyaw၊ It is made up of five comedians, including Toe Kyaw.

Arriving in the liberated area of ​​the Revolution, the Ha Nga Kaung group continues to take part in the anti-military movement with their skillful art, along with the Hadaya protests for the audience. Ha Nga Kaung is a popular group in the Burmese theater world that has stood with the people and stood up for the truth.

He was also honored by the West London-based Brentford Society for standing up for the truth during the Spring Revolution. This is what comedian Tai Kyaw, a member of the Ha group, said about the Thingyan festival. “Those who are planning to have fun in Thingyan have not even arrived yet. Good luck… ”

he wrote on his social media account. A bomb exploded near the Yangon Mayor’s Thingyan water park yesterday evening. That’s why comedian Tai Kyaw wishes good luck to those who visit Thingyan. Crd


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