May 19, 2022

Director Ko Pauk warns against getting involved in cold blood Director Ko Pauk is an actor who is no stranger to fans. Pippa is an artist who has stood up for the truth about the political situation in Myanmar. This is how director Ko Pauk described the characters of various classes encountered during the revolution. “What is important is that those who do not know can work on the revolution and solve social problems. We see, hear and hear about sexual exploitation.

I was insulted near and far. Opponents who are waiting to break the crack may have to avoid it. Those who are struggling harder than you are just wanting a chance to get sick. There are different kinds of problems in the shade. In the morning, there are those who lurk in the shadows. Talk about federal democracy in the revolution. But there are also those who cannot afford to set small rules. It is one thing to say that the head of ten households will get along well with the village head during the revolution.

In the midst of such problems, difficulties, and exhaustion, I am tired of seeing people in the revolution provide shade, protection, and nutrition. People who do not know if you are fighting for personal rights or for the rights of all. They forget that it is difficult for them to sleep. During the Revolution, I was tired of walking through all kinds of people, all walks of life, all walks of life, all kinds of good and all bad. But I’m still alive and well.

I’m not an easy loser. I will continue to walk this path in the midst of trauma. Only those with brains know what is important in the revolution. I’m strong. I’m fine I’m afraid you will not be able to do well. ‘


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