May 19, 2022

Son of Saw Pho Khwar apologizes to those who are angry at him for something he did not show respect for his father… Singer Saw Phoe Khwar has been unjustly detained by the junta for the past one year. Despite Saw Po Khwar’s imprisonment, his son ZiG has been heavily criticized by fans for attending parties affiliated with the party. Today, Saw Phoe Khwar’s son ZiG realized his mistake and apologized to the fans.

ZiG said, “I sincerely apologize to everyone. I promise my angry brother and sister not to make the same mistake again. Throughout my career, I have never been mean to anyone. Like all the losses, I still have a lot to lose. If I have made a mistake, please point it out at any time. If you want to swear, you can swear. I promise that I will not make the same mistake again to every one of my brothers and sisters who are angry about this incident. You can always tell me that you have gone astray when I see your actions as wrong.

You can still get angry because it’s good to go astray. People who did not look at me in the past. Those who hate me will continue to find fault, and my loved ones will be disturbed by me. I feel more sorry for those who love me. If I had a father who would laugh and tell me that you were wrong, Ziggy, I would be able to cope with this situation even more.

Swearing Only you, as the parent can know for sure. What situations do I have to go through? How much do you lose? People who know what they are paying so far can fill in the blanks. I hope you will share again. Thank you! ”He apologized on his social media page. Credit


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