May 19, 2022

The official cancellation of all accepted ceremonies A bright, bright smile. A pair of sharp, clear eyes; A straight, slender body. The winner of the face-to-face award is Poi Tagon, a beloved prince not only in Myanmar but also around the world.Not only in Myanmar, but also in the international community, the release of Poi Tagon was celebrated.

Fans are still cheering for the return of the show. This morning, however, Poitangun made an announcement with some of his feelings. This is the news that all the events accepted by Poi Tagon have been canceled. Today, April 8, marks the one-year anniversary of Poi Tagun’s arrest.Last year (2021) April 8 He was arrested at 4 a.m. and detained for nearly a year.

He also said that the cancellation of the event was a sign of resentment against those who were more difficult than him. The audience is a handsome model who has the full support of the fans.He is a beloved man who has achieved success not only at home but also in many foreign countries. He was a staunch supporter of the truth during the Spring Revolution, and was unjustly arrested by the Scouts and released less than a year after his capture.

Today, at 4 o’clock last year, I suffered for almost a year, but I understand that there are people who are more difficult than me now, so in the meantime, I have officially canceled all the accepted events. Thank you, readers.


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